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Hey girl, hey!

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Single Mama's Guide to OutEarning the Problem


10 Ways to Create Income Without 

Leaving Your Babies


As a Mom, I totally get the desire/obsession to want to do right by your child and to make sure they're provided for.

And, it breaks my heart to hear so many mothers talk about how they're so busy that they barely have time for their kids.

I believe we can create income in a way that honors our divine calling as mothers.

I believe the days of leaving our children to make a living are no longer the only option that exists.

Let’s get some more resources into our lives.


Let's talk about creating income in ways that support our motherhood.

This ebook includes:

  • Video affirmations

  • Journal prompts, and

  • 10+ ways of creating additional income without leaving your home - including business ideas, work-from-home opportunities, and more!

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Hey, girl, hey!

My name is Michelle, and I've been where you are...

When I first became a single mom, it was hard to find someone who was living their life in a way that resonated with me. I decided to create my own way and now have a life that I love. No drama. No shame. Just loving life with my beautiful baby.

Today, I am the Chief Encouragement Officer at Michelle Harvey Enterprises, LLC. I empower single moms to create joyful, supported, financially secure lives, full of quality time for themselves and their children. 

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"Michelle, I love and appreciate you for this!"


"I'm hearing ALL of THIS with every beat of my HEART!"


"Thank you for this, Queen!"

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This community is for the moms who want it all

We're here to help you find that light in your life, the sparkle in your eye, and the strength to believe in yourself. We can show you how to give your babies the best possible future while having a life of joy and meaning.

You'll be able to raise your children in ways that are right for you, support yourself financially, and feel an abundance of love.

Let us support you on your journey.

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