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You Can Be Wildly Obsessed with your Life...even as a Single Mom

Supporting single moms who desire to create lives they love.


Empowering single moms who desire to bring more support, joy, and financial security into their lives

SINGLE MOM isn’t a label we have to wear.


I don’t mean the title, that’s a temporary situation. I mean the identity.

The one that assumes we’re depressed, ashamed, and struggling. The one society tells us to wear. The one our broken hearts often tempt us toward.


That’s the label we can drop.

Let's recreate our own narrative and start loving our liVes.

Happiness and fulfillment are within reach. Motherhood can still be a beautiful experience. Join us. Together, we will experience more joy, peace, and contentment in motherhood.



By being a part of this community, you will:

See and apply practical ways to be supported in your life.

Release any shame or guilt you feel about being a single mom.

Begin to heal your heart and become open to love.

Become energized around your purpose and strong in your finances.

Feel ready to show up fully for yourself and for your babies.


My name is Michelle, and I've been where you are...

When I first became a single mom, it was hard to find someone who was living their life in a way that resonated with me. I decided to create my own way and now have a life that I love. No drama. No shame. Just loving life with my beautiful baby.

Today, I am the Chief Encouragement Officer at Michelle Harvey Enterprises, LLC. I empower single moms to create joyful, supported, financially secure lives, full of quality time for themselves and their children. 


Over here, we’re empowered, supported, well-resourced, and loving life with these beautiful babies.

Just because we didn't plan this life for ourselves doesn't mean we can't have an amazing experience in motherhood. You can thrive, regardless of your circumstance, period. If you desire to feel this way about your life and motherhood I'd love to support you.

woman with baby

"The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. That hand, my dear friend, is yours."

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This community is for the moms who want it all

We're here to help you find that light in your life, the sparkle in your eye, and the strength to believe in yourself. We can show you how to give your baby the best possible future while having a life of joy and meaning. You'll be able to raise your children in ways that are right for you, support yourself financially, and feel an abundance of love. We'd love to support you on your journey.

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