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You Get to Be Wildly Obsessed 
with your Life
even as aSingle Mom!

Supporting single moms to create lives they love.


Empowering single moms who desire to bring more support, joy, and financial security into their lives

Practical solutions for you to bring support, encouragement, and happiness into your life and home.


Victim? Who? Girl, not you!

Just because we didn't plan this life for ourselves doesn't mean we can't have an amazing life and experience in motherhood.


Just because we went through a breakup/divorce doesn't mean we have to be single forever.


And, because we don't have help from the places/people from where we think it should come, doesn't mean we can't be supported.


Our lives are not over! We're just getting started! We have been given the gift of these beautiful babies. We have a responsibility to give them the best version of ourselves possible.



By being a part of this community, you will:

See and apply practical ways to be supported in your life.

Release any shame or guilt you feel about being a single mom.

Begin to heal your heart and become open to love.

Become energized around your purpose and strong in your finances.

Feel ready to show up fully for yourself and for your babies.


My name is Michelle, and I'm just like you...

Michelle Harvey is a dynamic thought leader on empowerment for all, though she holds a special place in her heart for single moms.

Through her digital courses, blog, engaging online presence, free content, meditations, and trainings distributed across her social media channels, she empowers single moms to create joyful, supported, financially secure lives, full of quality time for themselves and their children.

​Combining her nonprofit leadership and entrepreneurship background with practical advice and a deep knowledge of spiritual and energetic principles, Michelle isn’t like any other coach you’ve encountered.

She is the Chief Encouragement Officer at Michelle Harvey Enterprises, LLC, and she wants to help you become wildly obsessed with your life.


Over here, we’re empowered, supported, well-resourced, and loving life with these beautiful babies.

Your life may not look exactly as you planned it, but just because it's not that exact picture, doesn't mean you can't have an amazing life and experience in motherhood. You're creating your life right now!

You can choose to thrive, regardless of your circumstances. 

woman with baby

"The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. That hand, my dear friend, is yours."

Yes, You're a Single Mom.
You're Still that B*tch!

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Join Us!

This community is for the moms who want it all.

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