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ABCs of Finance

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Financial Literacy Coloring Book for Preschoolers


ABCs of Finance

coloring book

Generational Wealth:

Creating It for Our Children

I recently saw a Grant Cardone clip where he was teaching his daughter about wealth and abundance.

She was in a high chair.

I’m not sure she could even talk yet.


A few clips later, she was on stage talking about investing.


She was 10.

What I concluded was that people who have a history of generational wealth start inculcating their kids in that wealth thought process early.


Those of us who don’t have a history of generational wealth teach our kids about money, too, but it’s often programming around limits.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“You want to go to McDonald's? Do you have McDonald’s money??”

“When we get in this store, don’t touch anything, don’t look at anything, and don’t ask for anything!”

👀 (Any of that sound familiar?😬🥴😂)


As we get older, we have to learn to reverse this programming if we want to be successful.


That’s one of the reasons why I created ABCs of Finance: Coloring Book for Preschoolers.


I noticed that my little one is learning so much about so many things - even at her young age.


She may as well build financial literacy and healthy beliefs around money.💵


Building financial literacy means developing the knowledge and skills needed to make important financial decisions.


We can give our children a head start by introducing financial concepts early. From creating income and budgeting to earning and investing, this delightful coloring book will empower your little ones with essential life skills, setting them on the path to financial success from an early age.

Grab your copy today!🖍️

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Hey, parents, hey!

About the Author

Michelle Harvey is Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO) of Michelle Harvey Enterprises, LLC, and a dynamic thought leader on empowerment for all, though she holds a special place in her heart for single moms. Through her digital courses, blog, and engaging online presence, she supports children by providing caregivers with the tools they need to create joyful, supported, financially secure lives, full of quality time for themselves and their children.

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