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Single Mom
 & Still that B*tch

Hey girl, hey!

Affirmation Journal


Single Mom
& Still that B*tch

affirmation journal

101 Affirmations to Help You Shatter the Stigma and Reclaim Your Joy

These days, it seems that everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with messages that attempt to convince us that we have “decreased value,” that we are “damaged,” or that we are a drain on society, simply because we are single mothers.


There are misconceptions in the minds of others that we are unable to provide for our children financially or emotionally, and that it’s our fault that we’re single moms. 

I'm not sure about you, but I’ve had enough of the single-mom bashing.


It seems like messages from family, the church, the other parent, podcasts, and even well-meaning strangers all gather together with the singular goal of making us feel bad for being single mothers.

If we’re honest, you probably make yourself feel bad for it.

Girl, stop.

The negative rhetoric, regardless of where it's coming from, helps no one. Reject the idea that you’re somehow less valuable as a single mom. Refuse to let guilt or shame lead your life any longer.

It’s your life. You choose how you live it. It’s your heart. You decide if, when, and for how long it’s broken. It’s your home. Society doesn’t dictate whether or not it’s broken, you do.

Just because you may not have planned this life for yourself doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing life and experience in motherhood. You get to be wildly obsessed with your life - even as a single mom!


Using the power of affirmations, this journal has been intentionally crafted to help you shatter the negative stigma of being a single mother and reclaim your joy.


Yes, you’re a single mom. You’re still that b*tch.

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Special note for bookstores: Single Mom and Still that B*tch is available on IngramSpark. ISBN: 979-8-9887959-2-6 (paperback) ISBN: 979-8-9887959-3-3 (hardcover)

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Hey, girl, hey!

About the Author

Michelle Harvey is Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO) of Michelle Harvey Enterprises, LLC, and a dynamic thought leader on empowerment for all, though she holds a special place in her heart for single moms. Through her digital courses, blog, and engaging online presence, she supports children by providing caregivers with the tools they need to create joyful, supported, financially secure lives, full of quality time for themselves and their children.

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