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Welcome to Clearing Your Own Baby Mama Drama. This masterclass isn't about your ex. And it's not about any drama you may have with him. It's about you and the conflict you likely have within yourself. You don't have to feel conflicted and you don't have to feel guilty. You get to be happy. You get to enjoy motherhood. You are still well on your way to the content, loving, empowered version of yourself that you desire to be. 

Clearing Your Own Baby Mama Drama

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  • What you Receive:

    • 98-minute Masterclass delivered via private podcast feed

    • Lifetime Access, including all content updates

    • 19-page eBook, including printable affirmations, journal prompts, and over 10 ways of creating additional income without leaving your home


    Topics Covered:

    • Step by Step Guide to Healing Your Heart and Reclaiming Your Life

    • How to Embrace Your New Life

    • Building Your Support Team

    • Out Earning the Problem: Creating Income in Ways that Feel Good to You

    Learn more.

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