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I’ve had many amazing opportunities come my way in the last few years.

Opportunities for more money.

Opportunities for career advancement.

Opportunities to be in the right rooms with the right people.

While I consider them all, I recognize that a few years ago, I was also gifted with an opportunity: motherhood. 💕 And that’s what I consistently choose.

Prioritizing my child over my career isn’t a sacrifice.

It’s a choice.

It’s a recognition that being a mom is also an incredible opportunity.

I believe the chance to make more money is always available to me.

The chance to influence an entire lineage is not.

I have a limited window of time to focus my efforts and intentions on my little one’s development, so that means all additional opportunities are filtered through that priority.

I’m not sacrificing.

I’m choosing.

I’m building.

I’m investing.

And if you’re prioritizing parenting right now, so are you.🌸

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