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Single Mother = Masculine Energy

I’ve read that mothering is operating in masculine energy because it’s the energy of “doing,” and “providing.”

Maybe, but my experience of motherhood has been an amazing immersion.

Nothing connects you more to your body - and All That Is - than being pregnant.

As I’ve moved further into motherhood, the nurturing, caring energy that I embody is as feminine as it gets.

Nursing my child connects me to my body and has allowed for some of the quietest, most reflective, creative times I’ve had ever in my life.

As my child grows and becomes more playful and adventurous, so do I.

To laugh, run, play, dance, and sing brings me to the core of my feminine essence.

The time we spend outside connects me to nature in a way that I simply had no time for, pre-child.

The more I connect with my own emotions, spirit, and intuition, the more I connect to hers. These are all manifestations of the divine feminine.

The fierceness and fire I display when I’m inspired to protect her is still an absolute embodiment of femininity.

Femininity is soft and serene…it is also raging and destructive. (F*ck with any Mama’s babies, and you’ll very quickly find out.😉)

Yes, I provide for her, but to me, that is an extension of my nurture.

So much of life is about framing. We can choose how we see it, whether we’re talking about masculine/feminine energy, working a job, or anything else.

We can choose the energy we do life from.

One of my favorite quotes is, “It only looks like hard work because your view is outside of my passion. Darling, I’m having the time of my life.”💃🏽

If you desire to feel this way about your life and motherhood journey, I’d love to support you.

🦋 If you’re a single mom, or you know one who would benefit from adding more grace, flow, and ease to life, “From One Baby Mama to Another: Unapologetic Empowerment for Single Moms” is on sale now. 💕

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