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You Left your Toxic Relationship… Right?

You might have left your toxic relationship, but if you’re still mentally, emotionally, or spiritually unwell, the children haven’t won yet.

Same applies if you’ve deceived to stay in your toxic relationship.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds and waiting doesn’t magically solve problems.

Actively working on yourself is what heals.


Pursuing a spiritual path, learning about somatic work, reading books, talking to a therapist, intense self-love and self-discovery are all healers.

Take the time to unpack your childhood, your past decisions (including the toxic relationship you are or were 50% of), and how they impact your life today.

The work required for you to have a healthy inner world is the best investment you can ever make. You are worth it. And your children are worth it.

Here’s the jist: regardless of your relationship status, make sure the person your children need protection from, isn’t you.💕

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